Wednesday, May 20, 2009

**** Blows dust off the main page of the blog****

Ripples in a pond.

You throw a rock into a pond, you will see a concentric circles from around the central point. The Circles spread and slowly dissipate (through an inverse square relationship) the further they move from the central point to a point in which the energy approaches 0 and then can no longer be seen.

I had retired from the world of blogging, this is due to multiple factors one of which work, as the stories are either clearly inappropriate, heart breaking, or breach certain confidentiality arrangements. The other is time which is not completely indirectly related to the first.

However today i blow the dust off the blog to explore some ideas. I said i would not go back to this, there was so little time and this took so much, but i needed somewhere i could say what i needed to say.

I talk of course of Chris Cariou, who was to blogging, what George W Bush was to welding.

A man who shared so much of his life with us. His tales of family, of common struggles, his bro-mance with another amazing human being Donn. He truly understood the importance of people in your life, mateship, trust and respect. He showed this through his humour and Humility.

Chris has recently had a stroke. It is amazing how we forget how much people mean, until we nearly lose someone we care about. The reports so far are mixed now it is just the waiting game, for Chris, his family and friends. All our thoughts are with you mate, hang in there.

One event, leading to a chain of events, a central splash radiating out to all areas of what is rapidly becoming a very small pond.