Monday, July 07, 2008

Wow this blog is really falling into disrepair, its not that i am lazy it just i dont have the tie to sit down and blog.

Where i am at now... Well i am 25 and still thinking the same thoughts as were i was when i started this blog... stuck on the concepts of is there a god, do i have free will, why is the world the way it is, can it be changed, why is abbreviation such a long word.

I thought the job i am currently doing would give more answers, however it merely raises more questions, morality is tested, the concepts of justice and the lies we take as truth.

Terry Pratchett wrote an awesome book called the Hog father, in which he makes the point that young people are conditioned to believe in the smaller lies, such as the tooth fairy, Santa clause, in order that they believe in the bigger lies later in life. such as truth, justice and the American Way, or Australian Values. There is so little fairness or justice in the world. Maybe we need to believe in the lies to make the world work, i don't think people could truly go on knowing the truth or maybe it is just easier to believe in the lies.

A few years dedicated to writing and thinking and i still cant find a hard and fast rule, everything has its exception. The natural laws, Physics has it exceptions, quantum mechanics and Newtonian Mechanics don't mesh. Our ideas of biology are continually changing, even mathematics continually advances and changes.

I guess i have a point in here that i am 25 years old and i still know nothing, the harder i look the more questions i find, either the answers i seek are unobtainable or just non existent.

Please note this is not a depressed or down post, just getting some stuff off my chest.