Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Autobots and Deceptacons

Protect or destroy, Good or evil, black and white.

No shades of grey in the world of the Autobots, our whole lives we are shown a world through TV, teachers, scriptures, and books. Good is always rewarded (except for Job where it is ok to treat someone poorly as long as it is for the purposes of gamblng) and Evil is always punished (except where we try to illustrate eternal reward over transient possessions).

Life when I was a child was simple, people were nice, crime existed but was always caught and punished, life made sense.

Optimus Prime, noble, honest, kind, loyal, selfless in actions would, if he existed today be stuck in a middle management position, up to his eye balls in debt, and . Megatron evil, disloyal, ambitious, dastardly , uncaring, would be the head of a multinational corporation surrounded by money and prosperity.

Now here I am very lost within, fighting morality, still hoping and praying for the simple black and white days of youth, answers to why bad stuff happens, and why shit things happen to good people.

I see a world dying, horrid senseless acts, for money, for street cred, and worse still just for kicks. People trying to live up to a US gangsta image, we have become obsessed with image to a point we follow any image put in front of us.

I want to feel the way I did as a child, hope, oportunity, and innocence. Instead of work, worry, and the harsh realities of life.

**i talked to Stace**

I just looked at an image of a two people black and white, side by side riding a bike up a hill. I feel like crying looking at the picture, freedom of the road, thoughts of my father and life I left behind chasing something I may not even be able to obtain...

Somedays it is just really hard to make sense of it all