Thursday, October 04, 2007

I am not one for long winded goodbyes, however this is to be my last ever blog post.

I am leaving for a new job in a couple of days where I will not have net access, nor the time to comment or post. I am exceedingly excited, Stace will not be accompanying me on this new course and I may not see her for the next 3 months.

I have never been good at saying goodbye generally I just disappear save the scandal til the end, leave without saying goodbye. I used to joke about not wanting o be present at my funeral, the truth is I didn’t want to be the only one there. Now as I grow older I realise that people do care, people do notice when I am not around, and it makes walking away a lot harder. However adventure calls, a chance to change the world, to be a good person and make a difference to world which is in desperate need of change.

To all that have posted here thank you for your support, Keshi for your humanity, Within Without your sense of justice and family are a rarity in this day and age, Menchie for showing how you can be successful and a mum, Lee a life with family and Monty Python, Whitesnake for not being afraid to be flawed and imperfect I will miss your honesty, Cazzie for showing history can be fun and listening to my pointless tales, Jewell who I feel is almost a second grandma to me, Shelly angry but alive, Paul who gave me a lifetime of thought In a single post, and Homoesapeons whose writing and life always challenged and provoked my own preconceived ideas. To anyone I missed I am sorry this was written in a hurry, but to all of you, thank you I will miss you all, thanks for showing me your lives and I wish you many more happy posts.

Take care out there to all of you…


Up until three years ago I felt like my life meant nothing, that I was running around in circles lost and incomplete, kind of like a man with only one roller-skate on. My final goodbye is for my beloved wife, without who none of this would be possible, I love you Stacy, I will miss you, if you need me I am only a phone call away…

Thanks for the second skate….

Thanks to Chris Hall and Stabbing Westward for my final song…The song is called Angel.

I believed that love was sacred
As I dove blindly into her sea
You see, that warm embrace felt more like drowning
As endless waves crashed over me

She was an insatiable black hole
Feeding off my mind and off my soul
I find love humilating
Sick and desperate need that drains me
God I hope I never feel again

But I've never been loved by an angel
I've never felt anything so pure
I've never been loved by an angel
Until tonight your heaven filled my room

She showed me love could lift me higher
With a kiss she reparied these broken wings
She revived my fading spirit
Restored my faith in everything

I have never felt I had a home
Even in a crowd I felt alone
I'd almost given up on life
I'm fully determined now
And never thought I'd ever feel again

I believed in nothing
But you believe in me
I thought that life was worthless
But you told me I'm a star

Wish me luck:)