Monday, August 20, 2007

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Image of over all ride to come, once i get my computer up and running

Who's feeling fit?

Excellent saddle up its time for a ride. Bike shorts on do you best Matt Shervington impression, Bike Shoes with cleats, bike top tight as possible mmmm lycra, and of course the ankle socks ( within without may be excuse from these).

Starting point Westfield Southland, opened in 1967 with a handfull of stores, and is now a shrine to consumerism encompassing over 500 stores over three levels and a staggering area of 128,000 square metres. Contained within are strangley enough three Donut Kings, 3 Gloria Jeans, and too many clothing stores to mention. I must make the observation shocking to some that there are no bike stores in Southland. Even the sports stocks have poor fair when it comes to what matters.

Then the treachorous Nepean HWY, 91 km running from beautiful Melbourne, to sorento along the bay from Mordialoc onward. Personal stats on Nepean HWY, I have nearly been cleaned up several times crossing that stretch of road, and once clipped at the intersection while riding. car came accross 2 lanes, and smacked my front wheel, thankfully for him he kept driving.

Down to beach road, a haven for cyclists, if god was to create a velodrome he would name it beach road. Many cyclists call this stretch of track home, including but not limited to Bayside cyclists, Banditos cycling club and the boys from Kennedys. THis is the same stretch were the pedestian was killed earlier this year by the Hell Ride.

Down to Ricketts POint, a massive Marine sancturay and superb tea room, trust me the iced coffee is perfect! The view accross the beach, caffeinated beverage in hand, life does not get much better... Adding some pedals to the chair might help though.

From there onto black rock, home to 3 bike shops, a heap of cafes, and an amazing stretch of coast line. As seen in the image i stole from wikipedia on the left.. There is a superb cafe that makes the most awesome open steak sandwiches, protein and salt, fuel the machine:)

Sandringham is next on the agenda, featured in a Whitlams song.... God drink's at the Sando. but we have to keep pushing on, its mostly up hill now... On through elwood, brighton and Hampton (where my father was born), onto St kilda.

Stkilda Victoria, has so many land marks its hard to do them justice, Luna Park, its amazing beaches, its history steeped in trade and prostitution. Included would be the palace ball room, now closed, however so many artists have graced its halls, One of which Seven dust. MOshing with glee at the thought....I should also mention some of the best dining in melbourne, the prince band room, and the Espy (the last two are great venues).
On through to south Melbourne, for 25 km, spin arround and head home same path full pelt... averaging approximately 36 km an hour on the ride home....
Lock the bike away and into the shower, ok ytou can stop following me now:)


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Home Made Mush Recipe.


Several potatoes peeled and chopped

Plain Flour.

Firstly boil the potatoes until soft, drain the excess water. Mash potatoes to a soft consistency and add flout, kneading the mix until it forms almost a potato dough. Continue to work this through until a smooth consistency is achieved.

Pinch off pieces of the dough, roll into small balls and put to one side as shown in the below image. This is the uncooked form of your Gnocchi. You can in the afore mentioned stages add salt and pepper to taste.

While the Gnocchi is being prepared get your gorgeous wife to start on the sauce..

For the sauce you will require

Onion diced

Capsicum diced

Can of tomatoes diced

Black olives sliced

Crushed garlic.

Cook onion and garlic until the onion becomes clear, add the capsicum and cook for a couple more minutes, the capsicum will begin to soften…Add tomatoes, olives and some fresh basil to the mix salt and pepper to taste, cook until the alleged Gnocchi is ready.

Place formed gnocchi in a pot of oiled and salted boiling water, cook until the pasta floats on the surface… Pour cooked Gnochi into a sieve, laugh manically as it goes splat in spectacular form.

Recipe #2:

Open packet of pasta, carefully using a pair of scissors, cook the pasta, then serve.

Spoon sauce over the top of the instant pasta, Be cuddled by your ever loving wife and realise you are loved even when you stuff up.

Life doesn’t always go to plan, sometimes you are ahead, sometimes you are behind. Sometimes pasta works other times, you end up with liquid mash! However sometimes we can adjust our plans, find solutions, open a packet of instant pasta instead of focussing on the giant steaming mess in front of us…

I am sure there is a point in this somewhat over elaborate metaphor I call a blog…

Bon Appetite

Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's official I am now old...
Thank you to mum and dad for bringing me into this world, thanks to my friends for the love anf support to keep going, to the bloggers of the world for listening to my many rants and pipe dreams. Thanks to Stace for making the world a much more beautiful place.

25 amazing years on earth, so much experienced, yet so much left to do.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Following up on a Tag from Stace:

8 Random things about Aidan...

1) I would consider Myself an athiestic satanist.... IE i love the spirit of rebelion and qyuestioning embodied by satan, however i feel the details of its existence are a bit sketchy.

2) I am alergic to Oranges and orange juice. I have only found one other person who had the same alergy. I met this young man in hospital, who had also broken his arm (same one on the same day) and was in the same ward as me. Very weird.

3) I have very high levels of testosterone, I have the pathology results framed on the wall. I am just below the dangerous levels.

4) I have dyed my hair nearly every colour, pink, blue, red, green, black, and bleached blonde. The only time my parents ever got upset is when it was black they thought it made me look sinister...

5) I ride atleast 40 km most days, with the exception of pouring rain or gale force winds. Living on the coast we generally get the latter. My next big ride will be 210 km in a day. More to come on that topic.

6) I dont watch TV at all. We have one in the house, it has no reception it is there for our bizare movie collection, including such greats as.... Trainspotting, the crow, triumph of the will, hot fuzz, shaun of the dead, hoodwinked, Dark City, Dogma, to name just a few.

7) Anyone listening to my ipod on shuffle would assume i was bipolar. My musical tastes range from The Wiggles to Cradle of filth. Often the ipod will play toot toot chugga chugga big red car, then follow up with suicide and other comforts. I happy bop along to both...

8) I held a civilian pilots licence for about 6 years from 1996 until 2001, i then lost interest and went onto other adventures. I have also held a helicopter crewmans, and jumped out of a chopper from 50 ft into the water to facilitate rescues.... pin drop with the prop wash. Such a rush.

Ok well i hope this has been enlightening, anyting else you want to know just ask....I generaly dont do lists so i am not tagging anyone else.



Monday, August 06, 2007

**** Queue Fanfare****

Tonight on this is your life, we have with us a man who was born on the 18th of July 1918, who spent three decades in prison for his beliefs, and went on to become President of South Africa… Aidan I this is your life.

Aidan: I think that Nelson Mandela’s File.
Host: Are you sure? Might be a bit young for 1918 I’ll concede I just assumed you drank a lot of tea. Have you spent any time in Robben island at all?

Aidan: Can we assume for the moment I haven’t?

Host: Ok; you weren’t by any chance born on June 14 1928, and a South American Rebel leader??

Aidan: Not quite…. Born August 82, does that help?

Host: Leane Rimes?

Aidan: Do I look like Leane Rimes?

Host: A little, maybe if you shaved we could read her file…Ok then who are you?

Aidan: Aidan.

Host: well what’s so special about you?

Aidan: I’m nearly 25 is that something, I survived 25 years? Does that make me special?

Host: You survived puberty good for you.. Did you know Leane Rimes has sold over 37 million albums world wide?

Aidan: wow that’s cool. She turns 25 this year too.

Host: She did all that. what have you done?…

Aidan: Well I um, *hesitates* I got a degree? Does that count? Molecular Biology biochemistry?

Host: lets face it Universities are glorified babysitters. No real challenge there. No plethora of lovers?
Aidan: No, not since I got married.
Host: A romantic story?
Aidan: we got drunk and I dragged her to the back seat of my….
Host: I’ll have to stop you there.
Host: Grammy award?
Aidan: No
Host: Military service?
Aidan: Yes, trained duxed a course, on call for os duty but never deployed.
Host: That’s something I guess.
Aidan: I ride my bike a lot, held a pilots licence and at least 6 people owe me a life debt.
Host:Life debt?
Aidan: I saved their lives through search and rescue or resuscitation there fore in part I am
responsible for them.
Host: That’s odd, Religion?
Aidan: Satanist,
Host: Oh
Aidan: Yeah sorry. I’ve jumped out of helicopters, held a pilots license, been to Asia Europe and
travelled. I’ve seen most of Australia, a heap on foot or Push bike, raised thousands for charity.

Host: Guess that’s ok not really TV material
Aidan: I bought a Leane Rimes Album.
Host: Really !
Aidan: Nah. Sorry to disappoint.

I am Approaching the quarter way mark I am wondering what have I done to deserve this life, have I done enough, do I have enough to show for it. Show much left undone, so many adventures lay ahead. I have a wonderful travelling partner who has made the last 3 years spectacular.
Maybe I am just getting old.

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