Monday, June 25, 2007

Sorry ladies and gentlemen this blog is really falling into disrepair.

IN short life is amazing right now, I have made massive progress in getting my dream job, I blitzed the physical although not without incident, I given up that naughty bean we call coffee, without the same level of withdrawl as last time, working hard at new job and cycling takes up whatever time I find left over.

Stace and I are going really well, the last three weeks have been a blur of kisses, hugs, home cooked meals, celebratory dinners and an incident involving 2 bottles of fantastic red and a hickey the size of a tennis ball on my neck, some how those two are related!

AS you may know dad has been out for a bit with the toe, so the moment I found he could get back on the bike it was time for another adventure. 72 km, 2.5 hours, one puncture and a happy non tilted father.

Boys toys never change they just become more expensive.. 1-2 years old, no matter how much the toy cost the wrapping and the box is a lot more interesting and enjoyable. Total cost (of used portion) $3
2-6 Actions figures, including the immortal Einstein action figure, Barbie dolls for our first experience of anatomy, and my beloved Transformers (movie released this week) rough cost between $6-20 dollars.
Ages 6-12 cricket bats (incase of girl attack), soccer balls, football clothes in the colour of what ever team won the preceeding premiership rough price $100.
Ages 12-18 Computer games, consoles, new clothes, Ipods, MP3 players, gadgets and Baterries $100 to $500…

Then the Big boys toys, Cars, computers, women, Airfares, we still compare the toys with our friends, get upset when they get a better one, we still try and trade toys (although women get upset with that arrangement), we are boys with beards lets face it, guys are immature but you love us anyway.

Then you get cyclists, people who think nothing of spending 500 dollars on a seat post (carbon fiber light and strong) , people that a new toy can cost over $7500, GPS, cycle computers, gear sets over 1000 dollars, we get embarrassed when caught reading cycling magazines by our significant others ( I swear I only read it for the articles), we even find lycra attractive.

And back to the ride, 50 km full pelt to catch my father at Safety beach (formerly Shark Bay), a blow out coming round the cliffs and a large piece of skin removed when my thumb got torn open by a rouge tire lever. Ride back through the region I grew up in on the sunny Mornington Peninsula (just an easy 20km). Along the HWY, filling my lungs with salt sea air, passing the shops I new so well, pedaling behind dad, talking bikes. Two big kids with expensive toys out on an adventure. And then the highlight of any training regime…. Breakfast..
WE train big so we eat big, the man breakfast, steak, sausages, bacon, mushies, eggs, nothing green, washed down with an ice cold beer, breakfast of champions!

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Friendship is a dish best served on rice or with concrete favoured muffins..

First and foremost I am sorry for the lack of blogging activity but life has been busy in its own way. Many distractions and adventures, meals and bikes to distract me from my typing…

If you are ever down the best pick me in history is good company, good drink and good food. A mutual friend of Stace and I had had a bad week our solution dinner and trivial pursuit. So present without further stalling to increase my word count…..

Our Potato and Cauliflower Curry…

What you will need….

Entree: pappadams, liquorice allsorts, choc sultanas and peanuts and grapes, orange juice (which I am highly allergic to but others like it)

Mains: Potatoes, cauliflower, ginger, a can of tomatoes, garlic, onion, Greek yoghurt, garam marsala, chilli, coriander, cumin, sea salt, tumeric,

Desert/supper: a chess board, trivial pursuit, and the Questions from the game Balderdash.

First step frantically clean the house from top to bottom to clean away the week of neglect before a friend arrives, Mix up your spice mix, 1 teaspoon of chilli, 2 of coriander, 1 of tumeric and cumin, 1 of sea salt and garam marsala, mix them in a bowl… Take the onion cut into wedges, wash and peel the spuds (about 500g) cut into cubes, heat some oil in a pot, add the garlic, onion and taters, coat with the oil, keep the contents of the pot moving so not to burn the onion. After 7-10 mins, add the ginger (grated) and the spice mix, stirring so it coats all the spuds and onions with a glorious yellow coat. Keep that moving for 1-2 mins, add the tomatoes and half a can of water, stir through…. To the mis add the cauliflower florets, and stir through.

Cook over medium heat until spuds are tender (20-30 mins)… With the recipe you should have dinner ready to go at least half an hour before the scheduled meet up time, do the reputation of your friend of being painfully early.

Serve on boiled rice, round the table telling bad jokes, and stupid word games.

When Your wife leaves the room grab the chess board out, a get a couple of quick games, in win the first in 5 moves, but be seriously out classed in the second. Play trivial pursuit, and balderdash concurrently, Be able to create a meaning to an archaic word while trying to answer the trivial pursuit question correctly. Have both guys at the table humiliated by the only female player by about 3 chips each. Laugh joke and enjoy good fellowship and friendship until the wee hours of the morning.

Thanks for coming over Andrew, the couch is yours anytime you want it…

Concrete muffin recipe, Keshi had mentioned on her blog the strangest present she had received was an egg plant. A mate of mine M. pictured next to the mountain of beer, had decided to become domesticated and decided to cook a batch of muffins, due to the distractions of working life had left them in the oven for a period of several hours. When we finally retrieved these muffins, they were solid. S. the other house mate and I played kick to kick for half an hour without even cracking the surface of this muffin… I kept one of those muffins for 12 months, on his 21st birthday we had it mounted, with the honorary title of muffin master engraved on the plaque, the muffin is still in tact to this day. His face when we gave it too him was priceless, what are friends for if you can't hang shit on one another.

WE are loosing the ability just to break bread with one another, to communicate, we have a million different methods of communication but nothing really to say. I guess these are two simple stories and one simple recipe, to show what it can be like. Take the time to listen to your friends, make an effort to do something unique, eat out together and enjoy the time you have, you may miss them one day.


PS I will try and post more regularly… Good news dad is back on his feet, I was out riding with him on sat… More to come on that one.

This is balderdash...
What does this word mean

Horologem (pr: Hor-O-law-gemm):
If you dont know the meaning be creative:(points awarded for most humourous responce)

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