Wednesday, May 30, 2007

/* Be forewarned the following was writen with an idle hour on a dreary day, and may contain traces of logical thought, and waffle*/

What Do I want to be?

The magnitude of this statement is enormous, Firstly I am asserting that A) there is a being either existentially or conceptually that is in existence. B) that said being has the ability to long or want, C) that the individual in question, Aidan as mentioned in the profile view of this blog has the ability to make a decision, either through free will, or an illusion of the afore mentioned free will as mentioned in the previous posts on determinism or existentialism.
In the statement there is an inherent assumption of time, that in the future I will be something, suggesting D) there is a construct of time E) that time is linear or at least progressing in a forward direction, F) that time will exist further than this point in time.

A) Back to first principles and doubt all that surrounds me, I may not be typing on a keyboard, staring a screen comprising of excited electrons, My senses may just be a fabrication by electrical impulses, or something more sinister. Can I doubt that I am doubting? No I cannot doubt my doubt. There for I must actually be. Now this claim, Is it merely conceptual, potentially I am a character in a novel (full of plot holes and spelling mistakes), or existential. I can accept a level of existence, but cannot prove it’s character. Is this problematic? From a Utilitarian standpoint, one can still function, can still be, the true nature is not important only the way we use it. Absolutism however drives me to know, It may be an existence but not an existence in the actual, as opposed to just the understanding.

B) With a level of understanding, Aidan as mentioned in the opening segment, is capable of what is arbitrary named feeling, the nature or origins of these feelings for purposes of this paper are irrelevant. Although they are potentially shaped biochemically, enhanced or moulded by previous experience (real, conceptual, imagined, or implanted.) Effecting the reception and response to said stimuli.

C) Free will has regularly been refuted through out history..
1) The church and fatalism, Gods great plan. Each individual has a calling a plan as one of God’s soldiers, to do good or ill as the master sees fit. IF the plan is set how can one have free will or a choice. Upon removing the great task the Second is the problem of Omniscience, if God knows all, he will know my future, outside of time he would see all, inside of time we merely have the illusion of choice. Major issues is assuming, one the God exists, see back issues on Teleology, cosmological argument, and ontological arguments.
2) Determinism, All things occur due to events preceding (a nice tie in with cosmological argument and why playing mouse trap makes you a god, part a potential of unifying theory?) This would say given a set starting condition one could predict the end with certainty. We could make a "decision" but the outcome is already known. The decision we make is already known, yes we make a choice, but that is not free will just an illusion of choice.
3) Existentialism that we are free and moral agents, able to make and are completely responsible for our actions. Could we tell with any certainty if the decisions we make are free or not. Answer is unfortunately no, but I direct your attention back to absolutism and utilitarianism. The term want can be justified within the question as there is as we can make a choice, free or not.

D) An increment must exist to measure the passing of events, real or imagined, programmed or perceived. The name time is arbitary.

E) Linear, Time as mentioned above, is perceived as linear. Events seem to have a chronological order, and a linear sequence of events. Are we programmed with gaps between the event? Our perception is not always the reality, in utilitarian terms Time is linear. My world Time is most likely trapezoidal in nature.

F) This one I cannot answer, it is not even a safe assumption. SO far so good on this second though.

To clarify, What, if time continues from this infinitesimally small moment in time, will Aidan either conceptually or existentially become, given free will or at least the illusion there of, if given the choice?

A long winded way to say i need a new job



Blogger lee said...

And by the sounds of it, not only do you need a new job , but a rather big swig of scotch as well ;). Sometimes it really is possible to think too much, isn't it?

4:52 PM  
Blogger Aidan said...

i've been hearing that my whole life...
The scotch sounds like a plan though

4:53 PM  
Blogger Keshi said...

I need Aidan's brain. He's a real smart vege-maayyte.


6:42 PM  
Blogger Menchie said...

uh, you lost me somewhere between the second and third paragraphs.

your teachers must have been frightened of your intellect when you were in school.

as for what i want to be...let's see...

......oh I know! I know!....

I want to be Gerard Butler's girlfriend. LOL!!!! *shhhhhh!*

8:14 PM  
Blogger Angel Without Wings said...

My dictionary gave up the ghost midway through the 2nd paragraph. Have a drink love, you'll get over it, whatever it is thats troubling you. I should have paid more attention at school......

8:59 PM  
Blogger Cazzie!!! said...

I hope you can find a job that requires you to use all your marvellous thoughts and put them to good use. You are so smart Aidan, I reckon you could do anything you put your mind to.

11:49 PM  
Blogger Frank Baron said...

My great-grandmother used to read my cards and tea leaves. She would allatime say I thought too much. To which I would reply, "Huh?" and she would frown because it was obvious to her I wasn't taking this seriously enough.

Eventually, I learned to stop. Thinking that is. Well, not completely you understand but I winnowed out the thoughts that led to questions that had no answers. Or too many answers.

But yeah, took me a LOT of different jobs before I got to that stage.

You'll get to where you're going whether you think you're in the driver's seat or the passenger's.

Life happens until it doesn't. :)

10:10 AM  
Blogger Aidan said...

Keshi: You dont want my brain it complicates most things.

Menchie: Gerrard Buttlers girlfriend.. Hardly a secret. As a profession through do you need any skills, because i may just apply.

Angel without wings: What troubles me is i am lost, I cant work out what it is i want out of life. I am probably just a 20 something guy thinking too much, but i still feel lost.

Cazzie: thanks now i just need to work out what it is i want to apply myself to.

Frank: "Life happens until it doesn't" well said. I know emotional and physical maturity will come into it. It is more the impatience of youth shining through:) Thanks for the thoughts though.

2:06 PM  
Blogger Frank Baron said...

I remember the impatience of youth.

And I sometimes miss it. :)

10:34 PM  
Blogger Steph said...

I understood not one word of that, therefore I think you should get into politics.

3:11 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

The mind works in mysterious way my son...........and yours is so mysterious I wonder where it is sometimes........

3:45 AM  
Blogger Aidan said...

Frank: it happens to all guys some time, impot.... oh impatience never mind

Steph: couldnt do it, i am too honest thanks for the suggestion though.

Steve: The best way to deal with reality is to spend as little time there as possible:)

4:41 PM  
Blogger Lletna said...

hey aidan, when you found the answer to lfe - can you please blog the directions so I can found it as well!!

one day you will be happy with whatever you are doing as a day job.

to learn something is wrong you must first experience - then determine what you like from the experience - what's good about your job? then work out what is bad - and then work out what job would have the good parts but not those bad ones..

5:42 PM  
Blogger Aidan said...

"what's good about your job? then work out what is bad - and then work out what job would have the good parts but not those bad ones..
Hrmmmm well said... I like the people i work with, but the monotony sucks... Maybe i need a similar role but diverse
or maybe just a lot of different jobs each day..

Thanks for the pep talk:)

7:15 PM  
Anonymous Hildegarde said...

About A. Yes, you may be a character in a novel or maybe you just think you are in Australia :-)) while actually I suddenly saw you walking in one of my photos I was working on. I'll post the prove in some days, I'll give you a note when.

3:02 PM  
Blogger Aidan said...

I have been to belgium, maybe i left my evil twin behind. Sorry about the moment of existential uncertainty

4:15 PM  
Blogger Keshi said...

Not that Im not complicated already :)


6:17 PM  
Blogger homo escapeons said...

Life is a Garden,

Let us tidy up your conundrum and cut through all of the philosophical BS shall we..

I have spent nearly 50 years trying to decipher the wisdom of the Ancients and all that I know for certain is this;
Philosophy is nothing more than a fancy name for mental masturbation, which is usually exascerbated by the stark realisation, that in the deafening silence of this cold, empty, universe,
each and every one of us must eventually embrace and accept the reality of our cosmic isolation...

so like whatever!

8:08 AM  
Blogger Aidan said...

HE: "mental masturbation" .. That may explain why i have to wear glasses. Is this a long winded way of saying I think to much and just get on with it? :)

4:03 PM  
Blogger Keshi said...

Aidan Aidan Aidan :)

I want u to ans the qn in my current post. TY!


11:58 PM  
Anonymous Hildegarde said...

Note : Your evil twin is now on my blog, or is it you ? or not at all ?

3:26 PM  
Blogger homo escapeons said...

Are your palms getting hairy? eeww!

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

John Lennon,
"Beautiful Boy"

10:56 AM  
Blogger Aidan said...

HomoEscapeons: Life is busy as always, Did you get a chance to see The US vs John Lennon...

is this a suitle hint..

4:09 PM  
Blogger Jewel said... made my brain actually hurt, aidan. Have you heard the term "KISS"? As in "Keep it simple.." but you are definitely not stupid, by any means. *grin* I will be praying that some new job opportunities open up for you, Aidan. Be expecting!!!

5:46 PM  

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