Monday, October 30, 2006

Keep having huge moments of writers block, I wonder how HE and WW do this every day.

Today is the sudden realisation of that I am no longer meant to be a kid… it is now a grand total of 25 days left to go before saying good bye to the single life, sitting around in my underpants and a wasting my life watching the adventures of my fellow bloggers. It is of course 25 days to the wedding, the rings have been bought, although I believe the language of Mordoor would have been more romantic. The flower girl is getting more excited (yes that is possible), the best man is keyed up for the bucks night, the celebrant has been worded up, the photographer is practicing his aim… It is all falling into place. But….

Shouldn’t I feel like an adult…

Growing up, primary school, days of wedgies, wet willies, and songs with the words whoopsa daisy in them.. a time were the Mullet rained supreme as the height of fashion, you could wear bike shorts and not own a bike, a child in the eighties, time passed I filled my head with knowledge, history of Australia, basic mathematics, the deep and disturbing look into the caterpillar psyche which is “The Hungry, Hungry Catterpillar”.. Bows, arrows, toy guns and surf life saving… Maybe once I hit high school I’ll feel like a young man.

High school a time of beatings, long bus trips, noticing girls not noticing me, sex education *snigger*, erratic grades, quake, doom and MIRC. Meeting the best mates I have ever had in my life, most of which I still see. First kisses, well more a saliva exchange program, shouldn’t It happen then the responsibility of somebody heart, shouldn’t one feel more responsible then. First break up, it came down to Blizzard Entertainment’s Starcraft or her, but it was a great game. Search and rescue, carrying corpses, picking up suicides, bits occasionally falling off, face to face with death at the age of 15 surely then… but no I just had stories to make my female friends go green. Flying aircraft, the life of friends and family resting in my hands, mum had to drive to the airfield I would fly a plane by my self for an hour, then mum would have to drive me home, as I was not old enough to drive. The death of a friend, I thought that would change things, I lost a really good friend when I was 16 he was 15, killed by a car collecting money for charity. Still not sure how that affected me, even thinking back now, I smile when I think of his antics, and I still think about the last thing I said to him. I had seen a lot of death, my early days I spent on a bowls club (lawn) helping my father, it wasn’t unusual to loose a friend a week, but they were all in their eighties+ had live rich lives, at 16 years of age it struck me how much promise and potential was lost that day. Even surrounded by death I still did not see my self as a man.
Then the 90s were amazing times, the DVD killed the video star, the murder of the radio star still remained unsolved, boy bands roamed the earth in search of greener pastures. My love affair with Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson began, first concerts and great nights.

Maybe you become a man when Loosing your virginity? It was 15 minutes in pure ecstasy, inclusive of the time to put my clothes back on and eat the pizza.

I thought to my self, after high school, university is what makes you a man. One bad semester, most of which a blur, of big nights and socialising, scrapping some study together in the end passed most classes. Decided uni was not for me, for I joined the Air Force, nothing makes a man out of you like military service, so I was told, so I yelled and screamed and shot plastic targets with high accuracy. DUXed the college, but I still felt the same I was just stronger and fitter.

I saw that you got nowhere in life without that bit of paper, I went part time military, and back to the books, 5 changes in majors in the course. Meteorology, physics, chemistry and finally settling on Molecular Biology, yet my secret love with philosophy, couldn’t let the science nerds know that. 3 years of advanced study, surely then I would be a “man”, I met Stace in my final year, you would think taking 6 months later I proposed,
Me.“will you marry me?”
Stace “Yes”
Me “really?”
Stace “yeah ok”
Me “oh I guess we are engaged then”

Engagement parties and the “shock” of friends, surely now I would feel adult, grown up, mature. No shortly after I was swimming in a public fountain. World travel and new horizons, still no change.

Now I am 24, getting married, living away from home, doing grown up things but I still feel like a big kid. I still act like a big kid, I still do silly things for my friends and Stace’s amusement… maybe after I’m married, if not there is always kids…

Now where did I leave those underpants?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I need some elbow room.
Although the population density of the universe is zero (area is infinite and the population finite, finite number divided by an infinite number is close enough to 0 ) and any people you by chance come across are merely a figment of a deranged imagination… but yet it is feeling awfully crowded down here.

I am setting out today using first order calculations that we have in fact filled the earth The facts:

Surface area of a sphere S=4(pi)R2 radius in meters
Radius of the earth 6378 km
Habitable surface area (not ocean, desert, or ice) approx 20%
Amount of space required to sustain a single person enough space to be comfortable and self sufficient (vegies and some live stock) approximately 25 m2

Current population estimate 6,552,533,873

Firstly we need the surface area of the earth

First order……

S= 4*3.142*(6378)2
Surface area of the earth = 511252214.112
* 1000 to m2
S=5112252214112 m2

OF which habitable, so, not a desert, not an ocean, not too hilly, habitable is approximately 20% of the surface.

(20/100) *5112252214112= 102250442822.44 m2 of habitable land
divide the total habitable land by the land to sustain an individual

102250442822.44 /25= 4,090,017,712 individuals

APPROX 4 BILLION INDIVIDUALS AT CAPACITY…. Currently sitting at 6 billion.

Not a bad 8000 years effort filling an entire planet. I sometimes wonder if Adam and Eve were shown a random cross section of the people today; the whiny, self-important masses known as the human race. Do you think they would have bothered?

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Nothing matters…..
Wow that should sound depressing instead of a long drawn out speech on atomic theory…
In beginning of atomic theory, a man dropped a vase. The vase not surprisingly broke into many pieces being of inquisitive mind (Very similar to my uncle who died shortly after saying hey y’all look what I can do), he took forth a hammer, and laid the pieces to waste. After a while he became bored with this, and thought to himself, there must be a point in which I can no longer break this vase… The word Atomos was born, meaning indivisible, the smallest building block available.

Science progressed many more vases broke and theory continued to develop. We found we could break the vase further, we found protons, neutrons, electrons… We decided to cram them all together and hoped it would all balance out, the WSOGMM* model other wise known as the plum pudding model. Protons, electron and neutron in harmony in close quarters the atom however was chaotic and crowded, so the electrons moved out. Possibly due to the personal the personal habits of the neutrons or the unbearable positive attitude of the protons, but they moved to the edge of the known reaches of the sphere.

A young scientist got bored with breaking vases and decided to pelt it with balls. His name was Rutherford, he fired Alpha particles (Helium nuclei) at a sheet of gold, back when science was given funding over arts grants to paint the rocks green. He released that not as many particles were bouncing back, he was ducking for nothing…. He surmised that the mass must be centralised as most seemed to pass through. He came to the conclusion the electrons orbit the outside of the atom and the majority is merely empty space. As like reflects like, he could also establish that all positive charge was centralised in the centre of the atom.

Bohr, who wasn’t one, played with the idea of discrete energy levels, quanta, essentially he burnt things realised putting in energy changed the amount of electron excitement, like a lingerie calendar in an all boys primary school. I stood to reason al electrons would have a level of energy and the Bohr model was born, centralised nucleus containing protons and neutrons and orbiting electrons at discrete energy levels.

Quantum then developed, Heisenberg (gashuntite) uncertainty arose in which if you know something with certainty, you will loose the accuracy of the other. If you know the speed of an electron, you no longer know position with any certainty.
Joke: Professor Heisenberg flying down the road in his car, copper pulls him over and says “ Do you know how fast you were going?” Heisenberg says “no but I know exactly where I am”.
If there is a bad quantum physics joke I haven’t heard it.

Orbits became uncertainty clouds and unpredictable and dangerous. Electrons span til they got dizzy. The scientists did the same trying to predict them.

Where this post is going, it has become the history of atomic theory, what I wanted to say was, the atom is made up of empty space mostly nothing, the equivalent of a pea in the centre of the MCG. Completely different to peeing in the middle of the MCG. It is hard to think of something coming from nothing, but everything is made of atoms, which are essentially nothing, the truth is nothing came from nothing and were here in proof of that.

*Whole sort of general mish mash

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I am still alive sorry about the absence of posts I have been busy and work is watching my stats.

Morality and Moral responsibility…
If there is no free will then there can be no moral responsibility.
Our actions regardless how trivial are not in fact free, all events are dictated by those that proceeded them, if this is the case how can we punish those who go against our own morality. To punish one who is not at fault is unjust and outside of the Modus operandi of a civilised society.

Utilitarian Morality.
An example five of the greatest minds of our time, lie awaiting organ donation, they are incapacitated due to there illness and cannot continue their noble work unless they receive a transplant. Amongst these five lies the potential to cure cancer, control global warming, and the answers to Australia's drought. Every day the doctor treating these five geniuses passes a young homeless man, healthy of body but destitute. Would it be justifiable to take a single forgotten life and save five "important" lives. This is of course an extreme example of utilitarian morality but one we must adopt to allow logical punishment.
Prisons are there to detain – ie. Remove undesirable elements from the society, yes it unjust to remove one not at fault, but the society as a whole must be preserved . This is a greater good morality. Secondly Prison systems serve to reform an individual shape his/ her influences and create a functional member of society.

Legal system and Hard determinism..

Majority of crime is property related; theft, burglary, and vandalism. Violent crime is in the minority and is usually linked with property related crime, such as assault with a deadly weapon during a hold up, or assault during a robbery. What motivates theft, a lack of fund, or the lack of means to earn property lawfully? Law is based on common sense, would a man break into a home, risk the wrath of the owner or his dog, the wrath of the law, risk injury crawling around in the dark in unfamiliar surroundings, if there was an easier way to obtain money? It makes sense that if people were given the chance, and the ability to live (own land, good pay and conditions) that crime would in fact reduce. I am not saying, however, that crime could be totally eradicated we will always need prisons, there will always be some which cannot integrate into society, due to genetic defect or other product of their nurture.
An example of this in practice is Australia, they took thousands of the "no hopers" revolving convicts, and took destitute women and transported them to an island. They were given the chance to live they were given their own land, the ability to make an honest living, without sacrificing everything. The convicts flourished they them selves built prisons, churches, a basic socialist utopia. If we tried it today no doubt that wer would achieve the same results. The ability to live is slowing being taken from us, great minds forced into menial jobs, PHDs working in call centres, while the reach protect their wealth.. No one can sway my belief that 10% should not control 90% of the wealth this is grossly unfair and a major part of the problem.

Through out history, we have been in a state in which when the divide between the rich and poor became too great the poor would rise up. The poor will always win en masse. Even this has been taken from us, Unions are banned under the guise of industrial relations reforms, any protest is portrayed as a bunch of no hopers, or "un Australian" and the media keeps the rest docile with endless entertainment to distract the masses from the true socio economic unfairness of the situation.

Where to from here?
As George Orwell once said if there is hope it lies with the proles.
To make a difference we must change the factors which shape our world if we wish t change the outcome. We need to bring people out of their own little worlds, make them unafraid of their neighbours, make them see the difference between an asylum seeker and queue jumper. We can take away the fear with the snip of a cable, take out television think for yourself, stop watching current affairs programs that breed fear and hate. Introduce work place reforms that protect the workers not the hip pocket of the investors(good working conditions, reasonable hours and pay someone could live on.). Black list companies (internationally) that exploit workers, such as Nike. Ban religions which perpetuate the class mentality, "The meek shall inherit the earth, what a good reason to ask for more." Educate the masses that we are being swindled while those that have always had, continue to have, and just hope its enough to make the difference.

You should always end with a quote, mostly I cannot say it better.

"working men of all countries, Unite"- Karl Marx the Communist Manifesto

Friday, October 06, 2006

Be weary weary quiet were hunting paedophiles… ehehehehe

The home of a convicted rapist was burnt to the ground on Thursday, as the towns folk watched on. Beers in hand the crowd cheered as the home of Terrence Allan Ellis was reduced to smouldering rubble. Terrence Allan Ellis was recently sentenced to 3 and a half years jail after raping a young woman from the town..

I am not by any stretch of the imagination a paedophile sympathiser, nor am I so heartless to assume that a crime of this magnitude would not shock a town to its core. However taking justice into ones own hands is were I take stock.
“grab your pitch forks and torches, kill the ogre” have we really taken this step backwards towards cavorting druids, living in caves and dung for dinner.

I do not always agree with the sentencing in this country, it is not always appropriate to the crime, white collar crime theft of millions is a slap on the wrist, john lunch pale who holds up a petrol station to pay his bills spent life behind bars. Our justice system does need an overhaul, but we must remain calm think things through, act on good information not out of fear.

Our prison systems serve three purposes, firstly to deter, secondly to punish and thirdly to reform, what chance will a convict have of reform with no home to return too, no hope for his/ her release.

On a final note, it is funny to watch a media organization after something like this, a group which has fuel fear and hate of sex offenders, making us feel like they are around every corner lurking to steal our children. The pump the masses full of fear and hate and then wash their hands when a tragedy happens. This was apparent with a Cronulla race riots, every day pumped full of fear about Arabs, Muslims and asylum seekers, then people get scared, then angry people get hurt and killed, the media says it’s a shame.