Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It is now only 3 days until the wedding and I need to relax, the stress is high, the butterflies have morphed into winged elephants I breathe in and release the meditative mantra… ommmmmmmm
This is a nice lead into Ohms law and the circuitry of life.
V=IR Voltage is equal to Current (I) multiplied by the Resistance in ohm. For any constant voltage, current and resistance will be inversely proportional…I now intend to prove that this is applicable not only to electronics but to the masses.

Electronics 101:
How to understand a circuit. I struggle to think in terms of the intangible, infinite number of electrons belting round a circuit at break neck speeds so I take a simple analogy, and the world becomes less complicated.

From this point in time…
Battery is now known as a UN Peace keeper Camp.
Current is the number of soldiers passing a point per second
Voltage will be measured in mars bars.
And resistance is merely the size of the swamp to traverse.

Rules of engagement.(ROE)
1 every soldier will be issued with the same number of mars bars
2 every soldier must consume all of the mars bars on the round trip
3 no soldier will deviate from the patrol routes defined on the diagram
4 if there is a junction in the paths it at the soldier's discretion as to which path to take.

In a series (no choice) circuit:
All soldiers are issued the same number of mars bars from the base camp and head out on patrol, They approach the first swamp and consume the number of mars bars they need to get them across. As the current (number of soldiers) is constant the amount of mars bars consumed will vary due to the size of the swamp. V=IR if R goes up so must V, directly proportionate. If more swamps are put into the patrol route, it will decrease inversely proportionate. In short current is a constant but voltage is shared across the resistors. True to life, more swamps that people need to cross the less people will to do so, except for the one or two oddities who scream out "I love swamps" and march happily out.

In a parallel (choices) circuit all soldiers still leave with the same number of mars bars… they travel along and come to a fork in the road. To the left is a path with 50 swamps, on the right a path with 100 swamps. On either path the same number of mars bars will be consumed (roe) , but the number of soldiers taking each path will depend on the number of swamps. Being Lazy in the UN most soldiers take the path with the least number of swamps. The two crazies screaming I love swamps the rest saying screw that I am taking the bridge. If the number of mars bars are the same (V), then the number of soldiers (I) will be inversely proportionate to the Resistance. (R) If R goes up less soldiers will take that path. The Path of Least resistance.

Humans and the Path of Least Resistance.
Everyday we are given choices of what to do with the day. Do we chat with our partner or do we watch TV in silence? Do we work hard, or watch others pick up the slack? Do we reduce the amount of CO2 that we produce each day by riding to work or taking public transport instead of driving? Do we think for ourselves or let the media do it for us? Do we do something proactive about the socio economic unfairness facing the world, or do we just cheer when others finally make the effort? How many projects have you put off because you couldn’t find the time? Do we live our lives to the best of our ability or do we merely take the path of least resistance?


Blogger Homo Escapeons said...

Bucking Frilliant me boyo!
Relax you'll do fine. I loved your explanation except now I have to go out and buy a mars bar!

If you will allow me to geek out for a second I watched a fascinating account on how the vastly outnumbered Israelis defeated the Arabs during the 6 day war...
A. The medical corp discovered that if they gave their soldiers one litre of water per hour they could march through the dessert all day..most of the arab soldiers died of dehydration and exposure
B. Napalm was used against the tanks
c The Israeli air force had been practising and memorizing all of the arab air fields for a while thanks to receiving detailed maps stolen from all three of their opponents..they flew low over the water under 100 feet to avoid radar and demolished their opponents air forces with surprise attacks
D an israeli spy had infiltrated the Syrian government and suggested covering all of the hidden bunkers with eucalyptus trees to shade them...they stood out like sore thumbs against the barren Golan Heights
E The Israelis experimented driving their jeeps in the soft sand and discovered that by merely deflating the tires they could get out of any rut
F they also managed to get the Egyptians army to stand down by putting pictures of Israeli soldiers pretending to be on leave and splashing around at the beach

So despite overwhelming odds the tiny nation had spent a great deal of time planning and spying and prevailed..even advancing into Jerusalem..
So if you fail to spy on stace you plan to fail...

I will try to have something a little more romantic for you before the wedding! HAHAHA!
tick tock tick tock...

1:19 PM  
Blogger Stace said...

Is it really such an awful prospect, marrying me? hehe (don't answer that) :)

4:58 PM  
Blogger Within Without said...

No, Stace, he just considers you as yummy as a Mars Bar...

10:47 PM  
Blogger gautami tripathy said...

It will be one great life ahead of you both. Just relax!

10:41 AM  
Blogger Homo Escapeons said...

Hey I know that you are preoccupied but I just want to wish the two of you all the best in life.
You 'guys' are great and I am so glad that I discovered y'all.
MUAH!..that's for Stace..oh what the hell MUAH! to you too.

Show us some pics OK!

11:00 AM  
Blogger samuru999 said...

The best days of your life are coming your way!
Wishing you much joy!


11:09 AM  
Blogger Aidan said...

SOrry for the time in posting life is busy:)
HE: i have shares in mars, this is all part of a subtle advertising campaign. ISreal is annother country i would love to see, my parent traveled there about 2 years ago and had a ball. Except fot eh military choppers firing into the gaza every couple of minutes.
Thanks for the comments and the kiss... i think. photos will be forth comingin a month, we have no internet, phone or electricty where we are going.

Stace: I cant wait to be your husband, i know you read this until we get back.

WW: As yummy as a deep fried mars bar.

Gautami tripathy: thank you for your good wishes.:)

MArgie: i dont know how much better they could get, I have an amazing fiance (until the end of today), i have a lot of fantastic friends and a life full of crazy stupid moments. i just need a better job. But thanks for the good wishes.

1:47 PM  

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