Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I need some elbow room.
Although the population density of the universe is zero (area is infinite and the population finite, finite number divided by an infinite number is close enough to 0 ) and any people you by chance come across are merely a figment of a deranged imagination… but yet it is feeling awfully crowded down here.

I am setting out today using first order calculations that we have in fact filled the earth The facts:

Surface area of a sphere S=4(pi)R2 radius in meters
Radius of the earth 6378 km
Habitable surface area (not ocean, desert, or ice) approx 20%
Amount of space required to sustain a single person enough space to be comfortable and self sufficient (vegies and some live stock) approximately 25 m2

Current population estimate 6,552,533,873

Firstly we need the surface area of the earth

First order……

S= 4*3.142*(6378)2
Surface area of the earth = 511252214.112
* 1000 to m2
S=5112252214112 m2

OF which habitable, so, not a desert, not an ocean, not too hilly, habitable is approximately 20% of the surface.

(20/100) *5112252214112= 102250442822.44 m2 of habitable land
divide the total habitable land by the land to sustain an individual

102250442822.44 /25= 4,090,017,712 individuals

APPROX 4 BILLION INDIVIDUALS AT CAPACITY…. Currently sitting at 6 billion.

Not a bad 8000 years effort filling an entire planet. I sometimes wonder if Adam and Eve were shown a random cross section of the people today; the whiny, self-important masses known as the human race. Do you think they would have bothered?


Blogger Stace said...

I guess the next step is either planned eradication of humans, or terraforming the moon, eh?

8:34 PM  
Blogger Homo Escapeons said...

Mass sterilization would help..just do it subtley..either we do it or Mother Earth will create a viral cure.

Big surprise that there are too many of us..

Even though about 100 million humans were killed during armed confrontations with other humans in the 20th Century it didn't make much of a dent...that is scary.

Mitochondrial Eve had no idea that all of her kids were going to multiply like rabbits. She or her little group snuck out of Africa 150,000 years ago to find more food and better real estate. Now look where we are.

Well I saw an unsettling documentary on NOVA tonight about how the Earth's Billion Trillion tons of Moltn Iron that forms our planet's protective magnetic field from deadly radiation is cooling down!

Great one more thing to worry about. We are also overdue for another Extinction Level Event like the other biggies that ended the reigns of the previous ruling species. OK now I am starting to get depressed...I have to go look at pictures of puppies for a while and say awww they are sooo cute!!

Great post Aidan..keep 'em coming.

9:47 PM  
Blogger Aidan said...

Stace: both good

HE: sorry to be depressing, it is funny what you can work out on a coaster, mates of mine did these calculations in a night club one night. We became bored with getting drunk and chasing dodgy women and decided to combat the rapid expansion of the species on a coaser from the club.
After which we worked out the angular momentum of a larger woman on the rotation dance floor. a big night of nose bleeds, physics and geometry.

Not sure if we will become extinct we are the only species so far that has been able to modifiy its environment... maybe we are in with a shot. If we dont kille ach otehr first.

1:35 AM  
Blogger Stace said...

Well, we're already obeying biological stimulii: We have taken up the habitible space, so our rate of reproduction is slowing down. Most species limit their numbers according to space, available food, or competition in the field. We are not immune to those things, so who's to say we won't eventually become extinct? Although Aidan's probably right - we probably will bring it upon ourselves in some nasty manner.

3:58 PM  
Blogger Aidan said...

we in the western world are slowing... thats true, 3rd world is reproducing at an alarming rate... with a comparable mortality rate. it has more or less leveled

I believe the greatest risk to the species is ourselves... war, famine (brought on by greed), global warming, Weapons of mass destruction...

World destruction lotto
taking all bets...

7 to 1 nuclear winter

3 to 1 world war and carnage

100 to 1 meteorite colliding with the planet

8 to 1 george bush pressing the wrong buttom resulting in the release of a global neuro toxin.

5 to 1 someone pulling the plug from the matrix

5:22 PM  
Blogger Within Without said...

Sorry I haven't been around lately Aidan, I saw the post and all the numbers numbed me.

Fascinating, as usual, and add to that you and some buds worked this all out on a coaster at a bar...

Sounds like HE and I.

Assuming Adam and Eve existed, they probably just wanted to get it on 24 hours a day, so not sure how much forethought they had.

The thing that's amazing to me is a country like Canada has unbelievable amounts of habitable but uninhabited land.

At the same time, the geographically smallest countries on the planet have no elbow room, as you put it.

So a bit of movement here and there, notwithstanding the differents in climate, might make some sense.

I'll put 10 bucks on Bush, the bonehead, pushing the wrong button or Kim, waking up one day to discover he's woken up every day of his life on a bad hair day, nuking S. Korea, Indonesia, India and the Phillipines.

11:54 AM  

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