Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I am still alive sorry about the absence of posts I have been busy and work is watching my stats.

Morality and Moral responsibility…
If there is no free will then there can be no moral responsibility.
Our actions regardless how trivial are not in fact free, all events are dictated by those that proceeded them, if this is the case how can we punish those who go against our own morality. To punish one who is not at fault is unjust and outside of the Modus operandi of a civilised society.

Utilitarian Morality.
An example five of the greatest minds of our time, lie awaiting organ donation, they are incapacitated due to there illness and cannot continue their noble work unless they receive a transplant. Amongst these five lies the potential to cure cancer, control global warming, and the answers to Australia's drought. Every day the doctor treating these five geniuses passes a young homeless man, healthy of body but destitute. Would it be justifiable to take a single forgotten life and save five "important" lives. This is of course an extreme example of utilitarian morality but one we must adopt to allow logical punishment.
Prisons are there to detain – ie. Remove undesirable elements from the society, yes it unjust to remove one not at fault, but the society as a whole must be preserved . This is a greater good morality. Secondly Prison systems serve to reform an individual shape his/ her influences and create a functional member of society.

Legal system and Hard determinism..

Majority of crime is property related; theft, burglary, and vandalism. Violent crime is in the minority and is usually linked with property related crime, such as assault with a deadly weapon during a hold up, or assault during a robbery. What motivates theft, a lack of fund, or the lack of means to earn property lawfully? Law is based on common sense, would a man break into a home, risk the wrath of the owner or his dog, the wrath of the law, risk injury crawling around in the dark in unfamiliar surroundings, if there was an easier way to obtain money? It makes sense that if people were given the chance, and the ability to live (own land, good pay and conditions) that crime would in fact reduce. I am not saying, however, that crime could be totally eradicated we will always need prisons, there will always be some which cannot integrate into society, due to genetic defect or other product of their nurture.
An example of this in practice is Australia, they took thousands of the "no hopers" revolving convicts, and took destitute women and transported them to an island. They were given the chance to live they were given their own land, the ability to make an honest living, without sacrificing everything. The convicts flourished they them selves built prisons, churches, a basic socialist utopia. If we tried it today no doubt that wer would achieve the same results. The ability to live is slowing being taken from us, great minds forced into menial jobs, PHDs working in call centres, while the reach protect their wealth.. No one can sway my belief that 10% should not control 90% of the wealth this is grossly unfair and a major part of the problem.

Through out history, we have been in a state in which when the divide between the rich and poor became too great the poor would rise up. The poor will always win en masse. Even this has been taken from us, Unions are banned under the guise of industrial relations reforms, any protest is portrayed as a bunch of no hopers, or "un Australian" and the media keeps the rest docile with endless entertainment to distract the masses from the true socio economic unfairness of the situation.

Where to from here?
As George Orwell once said if there is hope it lies with the proles.
To make a difference we must change the factors which shape our world if we wish t change the outcome. We need to bring people out of their own little worlds, make them unafraid of their neighbours, make them see the difference between an asylum seeker and queue jumper. We can take away the fear with the snip of a cable, take out television think for yourself, stop watching current affairs programs that breed fear and hate. Introduce work place reforms that protect the workers not the hip pocket of the investors(good working conditions, reasonable hours and pay someone could live on.). Black list companies (internationally) that exploit workers, such as Nike. Ban religions which perpetuate the class mentality, "The meek shall inherit the earth, what a good reason to ask for more." Educate the masses that we are being swindled while those that have always had, continue to have, and just hope its enough to make the difference.

You should always end with a quote, mostly I cannot say it better.

"working men of all countries, Unite"- Karl Marx the Communist Manifesto


Blogger lee said...

I must respond to he question -what motivates theft? Yes, no doubt the things you have mentioned - but for the most part -(the obvious) drugs. This town was virtually crime-free until a certain group of people moved here.Things have never been the same since, more's the pity.

5:01 PM  
Blogger Aidan said...

But why drugs, drugs are an escape, because how crappy reality truly is. Its something to escape from a life force upon the unwilling. Drugs are a factor but it still comes down to the social ills.

Possibly the worst addiction, very much in victoria is gambling, which also drives up crime, it is such a sad addition as the addiction is to hope. We need some major social over haul to truly combat the situation, police and prisons are merely a band aid.

5:25 PM  
Blogger Stace said...

Most revolutions are undertaken by the middle classes, with the support of the lower classes who believe that it is for their benefit. In the aftermath, however, all that happens is the middle and upper classes change places, and the poor remain poor. The really needy people lose out every time, because it's to nobody's immediate benefit to look out for them. Our wallets are louder than our conscience.

5:27 PM  
Blogger Aidan said...

Stace: So all the times i have lost my wallet am i making a moral statement?

Very true though my love, little changes those who need the most are over looked and the middle and upper crust jsut swap places.
Abundent through history

7:51 PM  

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