Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Inspired by my incredable wife to be thank you for an amazing weekend

The Joy of Snacks….
(AKA the perfect marriage)

A heap of olive oil

Chorizo and Apple Cider
500g Chorizo Sausages sliced
Apple Cider
Bay leaves*4

Desiree potatoes 400 grams thinly sliced
Brown onion sliced and diced
6 eggs lightly beaten

3 capsicums quartered
egg plant cut into thin strips
cherry tomatoes halved
red onion sliced
sherry vinegar. splash
Several beers (Mexican or Spanish) opened and consumed with a slice of lime/lemon in the top. To be consumed through out the process

Start the morning with a long and frank discussion about where you want to be in three years, and how hard a back packers would be to set up. Fantasise about the perfect location argue over Brisbane or Canada. Describe how awesome it would be to bring kids up around many fascinating people. Argue over what their first language will be French, Spanish or something else. Start preparing capsicum, while partner is not looking steal a piece, pretend they havn’t seen it try and look dignified and say I love ou with a piece of capsicum in your mouth, “uh wuv oo”.. Wait until partner does same pretend it is abhorrent and unhygienic. Kiss her on the forehead. Prepare all the above ingredients as specified. In a sauce pan, fry up onion and eggplant strips in a quarter of a cup of olive oil. Important note any time olive oil is mentioned one must do a bad pop eye impression a ga ga ga ga. Cook until egg plant is golden brown and the onion goes clear Grill capsicum until the skin blisters and burns transfer to a plastic bag seal and leave sit for 5 mins, peel the burnt skin and slice length wise. Point at chopping board, advise you are bored. Listen to respective groan dodge respective punch. Add cherry tomatoes and vinegar, cook for a couple more minutes add capsicum strips and heat through for 5 minutes. Stare lovingly at your partner, until she giggles. Serve garnished with parsley.

Thinly slice the potato, and fry up the potato with onion, in a fair quantity of olive oil (not forgetting pop eye), lightly beat the eggs. When asked to stir the potatoes stick tongue out and go nah nah… Listen to respective groan dodge respective punch.. After 20 minutes the potato will have softened and the onion will have gone white. Add Eggs cook until tortilla begins to set. Pour in fry pan with high sides, cook until fluffy. Alternatively burn the eggs and spend the next three days scrubbing potato from the pot.

Slice up chorizo sausages, drink to silly dreams and the absurdity of life. Chink glasses and kiss. Begin to fry sausages until brown, drain excess oil, add apple cider cook until it becomes syrupy.

Serve in front of Madagascar (DVD), laugh about time in Spain, and watching it in Spanish with a train load of people singing and laughing. Finish last beers, snuggle up, and just enjoy the greatest gift we have…life.


Blogger Homo Escapeons said...

Aaah you crazylovebirds! I sense the spirit of Graham Kerr lurking about. Very cool.
I did not know that you had such a flair for the finer points of the fancy schmancy kitchen arts.
Hold on to these days Aidan. Treasure the simplicity and the transluscent beauty of it all.
I think that you already know that...You are very smart to be so aware of how lucky you are..right here...right now.

Truly heart warming...Thanks for having me over...I'll just see myself out now...

9:59 PM  
Blogger Aidan said...

I have a good apreciation of life as i have seen a lot of death. I grew up on a lawn bowls club, it was not a unusual to lose a friend every week, i just assumed that was normal, i have lost mates and family, was involved in search and rescue so i have seen death in all its forms.

i do enjoy cooking, i am only just coming to grips with now in my old age (24). I love cooking with stace, we alway have fun, stupid jokes and good times.

not that i am sentemental or anything, and drop by anytime

10:41 PM  
Blogger Stace said...

We have a lot of fun in the kitchen, and I think our talents there compliment each other. I can stir stuff, Aidan can cook!

12:14 AM  

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