Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The battle of Stalingrad.

Unknown private.
Dear diary, It has been three days straight in this hole, the shells are continuous, I haven't slept, I am down to the last three rounds. I have never been so frightened, every explosion, shakes the shit out of me. Think I would be used to it by now.. The Germans push up, we push them back, surrender is no longer an option, if we stay still we die, if we try and run we die, it is a choice between bullets. I wrote a will yesterday, bequeathing all my belongings to my mother and father; I know I will never see them again. Another push, wish me luck.
November 25th 1942

Artillery Officer Ivan Fyodorovich.
Dear Sir,
I write in concern of recent targets given to members of my battalion on the 25th of November 1942. My major concern is the proximity of all targets in relation to our ground forces. Radio signals from the front indicate the majority of our fire has been falling on the wrong half of the city causing needless causalities amongst our ranks. More detailed intelligence is required to avoid needless episodes of friendly fire.

With All due respect
Artillery Officer Ivan Fyodorovich
25th of November 1942

Commander Aleksandr Vasilyevskiy.
To whom it may concern,
I write this letter to inform you of my displeasure at the selection of red wines that are available in the officers mess, we are currently entertaining a British officer, who for the sake of security will remain nameless. The support of the British is vital to the war effort, and it is insulting to all those involved if we cannot properly entertain our allies diplomats. Please in future maintain an adequate selection, or I shall be forced to pursue the mater further.
Commander Aleksandr Vasilyevskiy
November 25, 1942

Aidan in a brief and poorly worded essay.
The battle of Stalingrad was possibly the bloodiest conflict in human history, both sides soviet and the axis forces lost in the order of 750,000 men. The city itself was nearly destroyed during the German bombing campaign. This was then followed up by intensive shelling from the axis forces. 90% of the city was captured until the soviet counter attack code named operation Uranus. The German allies had become spread too thin across the defensive line and easily succumb to the Russian counter attack.

The over all victor: the Russians
German forces consisted of Germany, Italy, Romania and Hungary.
The soviets stood alone.
German Casaulties 740,000 killed or wounded, 110,000 captured
Soviet 750,000+ killed, wounded or captured, 40,000+ civilian dead
Aidan 27th of September 2006.

Imagine trying to explain my point of view to the unknown private.


Blogger Homo Escapeons said...

I take it that you have seen Enemy at the Gates starring Jude Law.
That is easily one of the best 'war' movies ever made.

Whenever I think of the poor Russians I cannot help but remember that Stalin killed more of them than anyone else.
He is the undisputed genocidal monster of the last Century...a terrible legacy..Uncle Joe even murdered more of his own people than Mao.
bleak..sad...pathetic..waste of human lives...unimaginable waste

9:49 AM  
Blogger Aidan said...

I loved enemy at the gates, as a consequence my favorite game was call of duty, due to the russian missions.
It was an odd post in an alternate reality (any reality is better than this one) frame of mind.

The best war film ever made is definately FUll Metal Jacket- Stanley Kubric.

i feel better now

3:26 PM  
Anonymous homo escapeons said...

I have watched that movie atleast 25 times..and I still get totally immersed every time.
The drill sargeant was one of the most memorable characters ever...
perfect casting.
also like Apocalypse "Charlie don't surf! NOW
Breaker Morant
Thin Red Line
Deer Hunter

these for the most part have captured the horror, absurdity and the hopelessness of war.

9:25 PM  
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