Friday, August 25, 2006

Is there a worse 3-letter combination than why? We wake up, we go to work, we come home, we worry about finances, we sleep and worry about work, we live our lives with such passion and such fury, we take all we do with such seriousness, we believe in the importance of our actions..... Then one day one word throws us off our feet. Why? Then we see it our real importance, we are so tiny and insignificant, rapidly spinning around a very unimportant and un regarded star. We notice how futile and merit less our actions are no matter how morally just.. We forget for one horrible moment how to live. Why am I doing this, as it will effect nothing? Why should i love as all i love will also pass? Why should I struggle and strive for greatness as all memory will be lost like tears in rain?

We despair, all is meaningless all is lost, god does not exist or care....


The mental protection kill switch engages...we cant cope with the truth, we know the truth deep down, but we choose to ignore it, we go back to living our lives, pretending that everything we say and do means something. The collision of pretence that our lives are important and the reality that our lives are insignificant and meaningless.....

The true absurdity of life....

Life as absurd. Many would say that life is absurd due to it length, nothing could be further from the truth, consider the mouse if you will.... Due to high levels of mitochondrial oxidative damage its life expectancy is significantly shorter.. Approx three years, but we do not consider its life absurd. It eats, it shits, it bonks it dies.... Simple. Or if will consider the life of a cocky they live a comparable life expectancy to us, yet we do not consider their life absurd. No the Absurdity of life must come from something universal.

Our lives are absurd due to their lack of meaning, yes life is meaningless, but meaning less does not always equate to absurdity. As an example moving a all the cups from one cupboard to another may be meaningless if just done on a whim, but it is not absurd, merely pointless.

Meaning: What if we are food for an advanced species, some of us a light snack others a three course meal. Our lives would have meaning, but it is subjective our lives have meaning but only to those who wish to consume us. In terms of objective meaning our lives would only be meaningful if the beings which consume us had meaning. Our lives would have meaning if our lives had meaning to God. History has shown evidently that we don’t mean that much to our creator. Perhaps god is a societies kill switch instead of facing the indignation of our meaningless existence. We cant cope with the truth so we create a god in our image to give our lives some point or purpose.

Absurdity survivors guide......

1) Lighten up, sure your on a forgotten dust bowl surrounded by psychotic apes, but it can be a lot of fun. Enjoy your life realise that truth that nothing matter and all actions have equal merit, live for the moment stop reading blogs and take up extreme sports.

2) Revel in your absurdity: dye your hair blue, make a fool out of yourself, go to dinner parties in your dressing gown, run a cactus for local government (cant do a worse job). Life is absurd cant beat em join em.

3) If nothing truly matters than neither does this. By worrying about your life you are merely feeding the absurdity of pretence and reality.


Blogger Homo Escapeons said...

Your life matters to you and the people that you surround yourself with. It is bizarre if you try to make sense of it all...I just laugh and think of a Monty Python sketch from any of their TV episodes or Films.

If you can laugh at it and not implode your brain you are a success. If you succumb to the voices and start a cult or a killing spree you have failed to recognise how ridiculous you are. You and I are fortunate to be able to even discuss this. There are so many people out there blaming someone else for their misfortune.

My life is enriched just knowing that there is a sentient being in Melbourne with a great sense of humor. Your life matters. The other 6 billion may not know it yet but they will...and if you join my cult now I will explain the meaning of life for only $25,000 per annum.

Thats right. Not only that, if you can get 3 other people to join every month then you will move up the pyramid and BANG!..thud

11:51 PM  
Blogger Aidan said...

I do not dispute subjective meaning to life, it is hard for your own life not to matter... As my fiances life also matters to me. This blog is not a depressed blog, and monty python is definately a fantastic cheer me up:)

As for 25000 per annum i already know the meaning of life, My bible (the Hitch hikers guide to the Galaxy) defines it simply as forty two.

4:33 PM  

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