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Dear Readers,

The story you are about to read is not a happy tale. If you are looking for a story full of smiles and sun shine you should look elsewhere. Our story is a tale of misplaced faith, a tale of betrayal and of pettiness. Our story in fact is the story of a man from Uz, a man who hated evil, loved his family and quite rightly so feared god. This man's name was Job.

Job was the quiet pious sort, not a care in the world, wealthy having seven thousand sheep, three thousand camels, five hundred yoke of oxen, and of course five hundred she asses. Not only was he rich in material possessions, Job had an amazing family seven sons and three daughters. Job was a man who had it all, until one day……

A fallen angel arrived unannounced or invited to a heaven work function on the outskirts of Uz, there was much to drink so the extra tag along had not effected the party budget. God after sighting Satan said to him, "that is Job down there in the valley, he is pious and there are no other servants like him in the land, he praises and loves me." To which the lord of darkness replied "he only loves you because of what you have given him, take t away and he will curse you" God says to Satan "that sounds like a bet your on."

Back in the land of Uz Job is visited by three messengers, the first approaches job to tell him, that all of the oxen had been slain and the she asses. Not only that but the bandits had put his servants to the blade. Before Job could deal with this grievous news a second messenger arrives to tell job that the fires of god had consumed his sheep and that only he had survives the flames. Job was over come with grief, but as they say bad luck always comes in threes. The final messenger arrives to tell job his family had been crushed, the roof of his brothers house had collapsed there are no survivors. Job of course distraught, did want any father would do, he shaved his head and prayed to the God that had taken the joys of his life from him.

God speaks to Satan once more, "You have cursed him yet he still loves me, he praises me, by the way you owe me a Tenner." To which Satan replies "double or nothing, he still has his health what if I curse his body surely he will hate you then." God says "ok but I will watch over him, leave him his life and we shall see."

Satan strikes Job down with boils and blisters and curses his health. All is lost to Job no family no health nothing except the desert. Job curses God and wishes for death, Satan wins the bet. Job is covered with the blisters and boils, he turns his back on god, speaks ill of him. He is left in this state until he repents for cursing god.

God in turns gives Job not just his old crappy family but a new family, with more sons and more daughters, and more oxen and she asses and Job lives to a ripe old age a happy man.

This is a story with mixed messages, is it a story of great faith will be rewarded or the folly of faith. This story is analogous to that of a wife coming home to an abusive husband, stays from great love or great fear. The trials of Job are not productive and not within the Modus operandi of omni benevolent being.


Blogger Darius said...

Actually, the story sends a mixed message only because the "happy ending" was tacked on centuries later by another author. I happened to do my masters thesis on the book of Job. Personally I find it a much more profound and true to life message without that ending, although of course it's also much more difficult. We like to think that great virtue is necessarily rewarded.

Life's just not that simple.

7:46 AM  
Blogger Homo Escapeons said...

get a job!

It is a brutal and pathetic story. Nothing about it is satisfying on any level. Oh here is your new is so blatantly misogynistic and inhuman that it proves that if there was a god like that he would not be worth one millisecond of your time.

Darius has pointed out that the Disney ending was an afterthought and actually makes the entire thing even more revolting. I could understand a egomaniacal god who just wants to show everybody how big he is and dumb enough to fall for some reverse psychology from the devil (DUH!) but that cheesy ending is so bleh!!!!

I get angry and physically upset when I hear people say that they admire Job for his faith.

12:55 PM  
Blogger Aidan said...

It is also a story which has always troubled me. Would a god truly ask such blind faith. I am one who beleieves that something created us to have a mind and a soul, if we act as blindly as Job we are not usuing the gifts we have been given.

Mathew 25: somewhere in the middle shows us that God has always wanted us to use what has been given to us.

Are either of you sure when the disneyesq ending was tacked on?

11:01 PM  

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