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There is many references within this to John Hick and The Problem of Evil.

Continuing on from the actual problems itself there are many Theodicys to combat the problem of evil or at least lessen the blow.

Augustinian Theodicy: This holds firstly that the universe and all things contained within it are good. It was created by a good god for what was clearly a good purpose.
Augustine uses the example of blindness.

'The only "thing" involved is the eye, which is in itself good. The evil of blindness lays in the improper function of the eye.'

Put simply evil is the perversion of what is good.

How did evil come about, why did god permit evil to come about? Evil came about due to the existance of free will, which is "good", that is the free will of humans and gods angels (lucifer). This fall from gods grace is the begginings of moral evil. Free will goes a long in explaining moral evil, but what of natural evil? Augustine attempts to answer this seeing evil as. "All evil is sin or punnishment of sin"

He goes on further to tie in the existance of hell, saying the punnishment for sin corrects the dishonour of sin. This is a moral balance cancelling out sin, restoring god perfect and good universe. This takes the responcibility from god and places it with us, the sinners.

Omnipotence is the fatal flaw in this theodicy, would not a perfectly good god, design the best, and good creatures. Surely an omnipotent being could design perfectly good creatures, being who would not stray. The universe is not how god wished it to be, therefore either god is limited. God still created the beings who went evil, (knowingly due to omniscience) so god is still responcible for the evil.

Punishment of sin? Unfortunately, as avidly shown in fossil records, disease, starvation, and natural evil, existed well before the time of man. Unless god has decided the suffering of animals is nesscessary?

Punnishment of sin cancelling out the existance of sin. Firstly i have a huge logical objection to the concept of hell. Eternal Punnishment serves no logical purpose. Prisons and punnishment are there firstly to deter one from a less than moral life, secondly if the deterent fails to reform one back onto the "right Path". My second objection is a matter of scale, how can a finite crime be punnished by an infinite punishment. Surely this is incongruous with an omni benevolent being. Punishment does not cancel out sin, it merely provides more suffering, a universe of infinate suffering for an infinite time.


Blogger Darius said...

Never thought of that one - a finite crime being punished infinitely. Talk about over the top... Good point.

9:16 AM  
Blogger Homo Escapeons said...

If you can't do the Time,
don't do the Crime!
That is why paying an indulgence to buy your way into the pearly gates (or provide a pope with some dough for murals or property) is such a great idea.

The velvet hammer of hell everafter is wielded by the clergy to motivate the great unwashed into digging deep into their hearts (or pockets) to spare themselves an eternity of deep basting.
I have never understood why after the millenial reign why Satan would be released one LAST time for one more kick at the cat.

When the whole idea of God v Satan is taken into consideration it is so obviously poorly thought through that it is almost laughable were it not for the millions of lives lost throughout history in this imaginary struggle.

8:00 AM  
Blogger Aidan said...

Homo esc.
The whole concept of religion was good, everyone being nice to each other, sharing caring, being thankful for our own creation. Somewhere along the way we got bogged down, took it all too seriously turned a great idea into a belief stucture. All of a sudden "love thy neighbour" became "love thy neighbour except if he is wearing a turban"

Countless lives have been lost to prove nothing, i wonder sometimes if God even noticed.

Even punnishment does not fit with the idea of an omni B. god. Wouldnt a patient loving being find forgiveness in his/her heart for all of his/her creations?

11:01 PM  

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