Thursday, July 13, 2006
I read from the site Not Good Enough Dot Org. I am filled with a sense of hatred and loathing for my fellow man. I hear their petty complaints they screech at me, they hurt me. Words wasted on such triviality, people complaining about delays in airports rude service, companies taking products off the market because they don’t sell.

Pathetic wretches, completely oblivious to how amazing it is that they are alive, the incredible improbability of their own existence, their complete ingratitude that they are ok, in one piece. In thanks of the miracle of life; they complain over things which are of no consequence. Imagine their live if they had something truly worthwhile to complain about, every day we illegally detain refugees in this country, imagine a day in their shoes, imagine their thoughts of someone who's most pressing concern was a 5 minute wait at the bank. Imagine having to live a week in the war torn west bank, your most pressing concern is survival, not the delivery time of your pizza. It is all a matter of perspective.

We have been given great gifts in our lives, the ability to think, to speak, to be conscious of our own existence. With communication, we gripe, we complain, we loose all perspective wrapped up in our own personal pointless struggles, we flounder like the fat pigs that we are. Our intelligence and our minds we squander, we stare idly at coloured boxes for hours on end instead of challenging ourselves, we let people tell us what to think instead of thinking for ourselves. We destroy our minds with intoxicants and drugs because we can no longer face ourselves. We pay heed to advertising, and the petty escapism of reality TV instead of facing the true struggles of our time. Poverty, crime, wars in country names we can't pronounce these things do not trouble us, not if we have credit cards, cars, microwaves and digital televisions.

We are selfish, horrible and unworthy of the infinite love of any being, until we can find ourselves, we are nothing. The distractions of life will always prevail.

Know Thy Self


Blogger Homo Escapeons said...

True. I was going to suggest that you switch to decaf but you are absolutely right mate...
This generation (wah wah)would have never made it through the Depression and a World War, they are much too selfish and weak willed. The next WW will be different.

It is a miracle to be alive, this was a great reminder about how pathetic our species can be.Feel better? Nature will offer a corrective measure when we get too ridiculous but we will probably offer a solution of our own invention...KABOOM!.

Here is an Amen from a brother in the choir. I hope that the world remembers how the stoic Neanderthals refused to migrate with the herds and refused to change their ways.....

7:26 AM  
Blogger Aidan said...

Sorry about the rant reading Neitzche, and maybe a bit too much coffee. However i still believe my point to be a valid one.

I believe our generation would make it through the depression or a war however, because it is something you have no choice in. The will to survive is amazing, the recent tassie miners stcuk half way to hell for a week. They survived and went on to earn a million in TV interviews, a true inspiration for the children.

Unfortunately the world is not going to change in a hurry nt unless it directly and immediately effects those who need to change the path of least resistance is a strong draw card.

5:29 PM  
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