Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Genesis 1:26
And God Said. Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: but lets make him from a distance, lets try and design the earth over my shoulder using a mirrow, or perhaps just by proxy while chilling out with the other gods.

Welcome to Irenaean Theodicy. Which states that we were made at a distance to our creator, not a spacial distance, but an epistemic* distance. If man kind had been created in the direct presence of god and recieved the full force of his grace we would have no true freedom from God. Humans making free and moral decisions is ultimately more valuable than a world created in which all decisions could only be good.

It is suggested that this earth is one of soul making, one in which we are come freely to God making our own choices independent of the will of the maker.

This distance seems contradictory to our (xtain) conception of God. This is almost a reversion to the remote god of Aristottle, not one which someone could build an inter personal relationship with as most evangelistic christains believe.

As per usual moral evils are rescued by the existance of free will. For now. But what of natural evils, the pain and suffering that plaugues our lands. Fossil records indicate the presence of disease, arthitus and various medical conditions before man had set foot upon the earth, was this suffering nesscessary. Unfortunately here is where this theodicy falls drastically short unless we subscribe to a being that finds
the needless suffering of animals to be nesscessary, or a God of inconsistancies (see the bible) god will never be absolved.

*a distance in this case in knowlege. Not all of Gods Grace, or goodness in terms of knowlege.


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