Sunday, July 02, 2006

Argument derailed......

I was going to continue on with the problem of evil but I have decided i am beging to take myself to seriously.. Also the post was a tad disjointed so i wish to revise the original....

Today is a look at a hobby of mine, watching people miss trains.

All aspects of the human condition for good or ill can be seen within something so simple.

Ambition: our runner see his goal, he knows what must be done, the eyes narrow, the head lowers he begins to run. All his hopes pegged on a single attempt, it's all or nothing, it is his moment.

Fear: The beeps,the horrible beeps, the doors are closing, he knows its too late, he will never make it.

Persistance and absurdity: He knows now his efforts are futile, still he runs, the absurdity coming from the pretence and the reality that he wont make it.

Hopes and Dreams: Even though he wont make he stil holds that one slither of hope, the driver may see him, god may be listening, someone might take it upon themselves to hold the door. Even in failure we still have hope.

Anger and desparation: He missed it, the briefcase come crashing down, "again" is the battle cry.

Absence of personal responcibility: Bloody (insert train provider here) ran early, 15 seconds early cant believe, they are always late thats why i took my time. Obviously their fault. Not enough trains running i have to wait 15 minutes now. Because of them i will be late.

Paranoia: It only happens to me, surely the driver saw me, he did it on purpose.

I love watching the full range f emotions, its funny how such a trivial event can produce so much, when people in the most stressful of circumstances generaly react calmly to survive.....


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