Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ok people are now reading this i have to make the words count....

Cosmological argument (causa prima) *first cause*

This is an idea that has been thrown around since the time of Aristottle, the first case argument. AKA why Playing "mouse trap" makes you god..

The cage falls, because the man jumps in the tub, only because a ball falls on the board via a bath tub, which of course only happens because annother ball ran down the stairs and onto a big red slide, but surely this couldnt happen unless a boot (not the canadian about) kicked a bucket, which does not hapen unless the handle is wound.

The mouse trap falls, via a series of intermediates, the root cause is the winding of the handle. The begining of the sequence, god.....

Time like all things needs a beggining a middle and an end. It is impossible to to think of a infinite regression, it had to start at "sometime, " and come from somewhere and the only logical possibility is god...

First problem: We can not envisage the infinite, one would expect by definition that we couldnt. Just because we cannot imagine an infinitately long history it does not mean it can not exist..

Causa prima alpha: If god caused everything what caused god? Then what caused gods god, and so on and so forth at some point on either a theistic or atheistic standpoint one must accept at somepoint something can from nothing...

*As a brief aside when we boil right down to it all things are really made of nothing, consider an atom, majority is empty space, a Pea (the nucleus) in the size a football stadium.**

Remoteness of god: If god created the universe, it was created before time, time and space being related. Where does this leave god? A remote or impersonal god is not the common perception, outside of time god would merely be. This is not the god of the Christians, a god which you can build a personal relationship with. This remote god if not dead would be as good as....

First and final flaw: Is simply within the analogy, it is a matter of scale, how can one take the finite to prove the infinite. How can one relate a finite effect to an infinite cause? (David Hume)

The gears will turn the cage will fall, but it is not God that drives this. Mouse trap will be put away, it caused too many fights when my firends hogged the dice as the cage was falling so i couldnt move my piece....


Blogger Homo Escapeons said...

I loved playing mousetrap!
I spent most of the time tinkering with it, just fascinated at the mechanics of how each piece caused the next to react. The old man in the flapper bathing suit ready to dive always intrigued me. The ball bearing would sometimes roll off the board and under the couch.
What a fabulous metaphor for my search for the Prime Mover. I have decided to just park my brain a few nanoseconds before the Big Bang. My noodle can do nothing to explain the whole shebang beyond this point in TIME.

I am fine with all of the scientific explanations about everything from blue green algaes to designating blue or green Templates on my Blog. I can live with that and it will have to suffice for now.

Great Post Aidan.

6:14 AM  
Blogger Aidan said...

I dont think i ever "played" mousetrap the game for me was setting up the pieces and winding the handle then watching my creation at work.

Everynow and again modifying the set up and seeing what would happen. I wil l probably use this metaphor agin when i attempt to tackle free will.

10:54 PM  

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