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The arrow, for example, requires an archer. Everything in nature, therefore is directed to its goal by someone with understanding, and this we call God..

This is part of a simple teleological argument, put forward by St Thomas Aquinas. Teleological arguments in terms of theology can be best expressed as proof by design.

Take for example the human eye, Photosensitive cells, incredably complicated signaling pathways, Various cells types, the formation of a lense, the protective layers, and even colouring for a LEVEL OF INDIVIDUALITY. Something complicated, something which you would look at and say "Something so incredible could not merely have happened by accident. How could this be anything other than designed or pre meditated. Who else could create something so amazing except god."

For me this seems a tad simplified, imagine if you will a puddle of water. It takes on the shape of its crater, "wow" thinks the water, " this hole in the ground fits so perfectly it must have been made for me."

Yes the world can be an amazing place, but why do we search the heavens for answers that can be found at our feet. Everyday we adapt to our environment, the environment the planet is NOT suited perfectly to our needs, we burn foosil fuels to stay warm, wear clothes, Manufacture products to make our lives easier. Perhaps these ideas come from god. Perhaps god is not the archer but merely one who guides the arrow.

Evolution and god.
If god was controlling evolution what would we see. Perfection, no cancer, no defects, no unnesscessary changes to genetic structure all things would have a place and a purpose. What we see, 1.5% of the genome is actual coding, the rest junk or repeats. Cells which due to changes become uncontrolled and invasive, even colonising other tissues. We see children being born with birth defects, people who noww have t adapt to furter adversity in an all ready challenging world.
God is an answer to a question when logic cant prevail. WE cant see the answers as yet, we have "theories". Evolution being a main one and a lot of evidence to suggest that, endosymbiotic cell signalling, synteny between species, fossil record ( granted with a few glaring records and a history fraud), but their is evidence. For god their is nothing but a calm feeling and an intangiable answer to make us feel better..

Design flaws.
Reasons why i am glad god is not an designer.

The knee:
When aguing from teleology, we take something complicated and say wow it is amazing how this was designed. What about something simple. The Knee. It is one of the worst designed hinges in history, a drunken architect could design a better hinge. Are we really to belive this was the best an omniscent, omnipotent being could come up with.

The Cocunut. The coconut posibly one of the most useful things on the planet, you can eat the flesh, drink the fluid, and the shells are useful as bowls or utensils. Now; lets put it all the way up there. Was god high, maybe this is just for a laugh like the producer of a reality tv show.

And the less said about the penis the better...
If that is the best design i would hate to se the others

Things just come about becasue they are forced too, we find a way to survive it is what compels us on, plants on, anmals on. Nothing more nothing less. We can explain it with god taking an active interest in the grass growing.......


Blogger Darius said...

The essential flaw in the teleological argument is that it's an analogy, and analogies don't prove anything logically - all a good one does is help illustrate something already known to be true.

The telological argument likens the order in the universe to the order of man-made objects. If you see a watch on the ground, you know it didn't just "get there." A human intellgence made it.

But the universe could be like a tomatoe plant. You see one and you don't ask, "Where's the little tomatoe plant maker guy?"

In brief, the universe could be more like a natural object than like a person-made object. Asserting that it logically must resemble man made objects just isn't true.

10:58 AM  
Blogger Aidan said...

Interesting point. I am more looking at this as a summary of old ground for me and a chance to remove some writers block:)

William Paley (Watch and Watchmaker).
Have you studied a lot of Philosophy or is this merely an interest for you??

10:38 PM  
Blogger kevin beck said...

"Why do we search the heavens for answers that can be found at our feet."


Everything--and I mean everything--is right here if we would "simply" awaken to it.

You have a great blog. Thanks.

8:23 AM  
Blogger Homo Escapeons said...

I can quit blogging and sit back and enjoy your work. Thanks mate.
I am astonished at our species for wasting so much mental energy on proformas that have had millenia to prove themselves invalid.

I appreciate the artful side of metaphor in discussing the human condition. Nothing stirs people to behave like religion, some for the good and some to unspeakable evil.

Our 3lb. brain has not kept up with our techno/sociological advances and it shows everyday that you watch the news.
Hey, out of 250 primates(not to mention 2 million other multicellular lifeforms) we are the only ones blogging. Some people just can't accept all of the millions of tiny advancements that led up to this ability to communicate they think that it has to be miracle. Well they are right, in the Natural sense it was miraculous.

In the immortal words of Homer (the Simpson not the Greek)
"Yeah but what are ya gonna do!"

6:52 PM  
Blogger Aidan said...

***warning rapid expansion of head imminent***

10:35 PM  

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