Friday, May 05, 2006

Wow just started re blogging and i am already getting lazy. I used to love to blog it was a therapy, i poured my emotions out, got worked up, tried to make my feelings sound clever, original, but i am just like everyone else.

Today i quit my job. Leaving one big corporate giant to work for annother, this time dealing with peoples money. Just annother corporate shell. At least this time it is only part time. Hopefully i will have the time to forfill soem of my dreams, well at least the ones i wont get arrested for.

I got a message on my blog below from someone whose blog i used to read. Blogs are funny like that, you walk in and out of peoples lives, more often than not they have no idea that you have even been there. Sometimes you leave a calling card just to let them know that you exist, or at least believe you do. Mostly you just look on, watch them live there lives silent, like some weird voyeur in the corner.

Never mind confused ramblings are fun.


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