Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It has been a while, i am suffering from a high degree of writers block. six months ago i would sit and let the bullshit flow from my mind to the keys, maybe my life is just boring now. I work, i eat, i sleep thats it. Sometimes i find time to see a play or art galery, the rest of my time is spent plannig a wedding and cuddling my fiance. Great plans of working part time, writing a novel, learning french, all out the window. Nw it is just a life of chamagne socialism, reading Karl Marx and handling out credit to a world already too far in debt. Planning to go away again but feel as though i should rush back to work. I want to travel again, want to put aus to my back. Poss to tow a company line for a while and try to move up into a job where i am paid to travel.

Heading out tonight live theatre tommorow maybe i will start some grand plans.

Dont hold your breath


Blogger Leila said...

sometimes it takes unhappiness for inspiration! so don't be too down about it :)

12:23 AM  

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