Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Have you ever met Billy? You would remember him if you saw him. Small, bald, looks about 6 months old? Your standard run of the mill baby. You would know him, there is something ineffably different about Billy. Maybe his drooling just seems a tad more deliberate than the other children, maybe it's the way his bowels seem to operate like clock work 2pm everyday, our just something hidden behind those baby blue eyes of his.

The truth is there is something very different about Billy; something unique, something special perhaps. Visit the Melbourne museum you may see a glimpse and understand, his smile is immortalised on a few of the Egyptian vases. Or perhaps the small infant pictured behind Napoleon. HIstory has recorded Billy's face a thousand times over.....



Blogger Leila said...

billy sounds freaky

5:34 AM  

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